The world best salad maker
The world best salad maker
The world best salad maker

The world best salad maker

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This instant salad bowl is a complete game changer for those who love salads. This is a must have item for anyone who is vegetarian, vegan, or just anyone who eats vegetables or fruit EVER!  Just toss whatever you want in the bowl, put the lid on, flip over and chop, chop, chop. Viola and you have an instant salad or fruit bowl.   And then, just rinse it under the faucet to clean-- your salad is prepared and ready in less than 60 seconds.  We LOVE it! 


Material: This salad cutter bowl is made of FDA approved food graded plastic.

Convenience and safe: With this salad cutter chopper, you can cut vegetables or fruit in seconds with ease and you never have to worry about cutting your fingers

Easy to clean: Simply rinse it under water. A perfect kitchen gadget for slicing fruits and vegetable.

Make your salad in 60 second:

1. Put your ingredients into the bowl, wash to clean, note that the ingredients should not be more than 3/4 of the bowl.

2. Close the bowl with the base, well fix the bowl with the base.

3. Chop ingredients through the slits of the bowl.

4. Rotate the bowl 90 degrees, chop it again, the ingredients will became smaller.

5. Enjoy your healthy fresh salad!


Color: White

Material: Food graded plastic

Size: L*W*H: 22.5*18* (8 14/16th, 7 1/16th, 3 15/16th inch)

Package Including: 1 x Salad cutter bowl

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